Frequently Asked Questions

These are the Frequently Asked Questions of our clients and potential customers.  If you have a question that is not covered here, please feel free to reach out to us at contact@igroovetech.com.

Do I need to buy my own domain? .com? .net? .what?2018-03-21T02:24:30+00:00

The sooner a domain name can be acquired for your site, the better.  We can search and register a domain for you as part of our service or you can do this on your own- it’s up to you.  When we provide this service, we will use tools to search out the best combination of available terms (domain names) to set your brand name apart, and we will ensure that your domain renews each year on time.  We will register this at the beginning of the project to make sure no one else gobbles up your preferred brand name.  We will also manage the DNS for your domain so you won’t have to worry about updating the Name Servers with your registrar when your site goes live.  Regardless of whether you buy the domain or we acquire it on your behalf, YOU WILL BE THE OWNER OF THAT DOMAIN NAME, we will only be the technical contact. 

Side Note:  Domain ownership is extremely important- never let someone you do not trust purchase your domain name for you because they will be the owner of that domain if not done fairly and correctly-  #FreeiGrooveAdvice

What content will I need to provide for our website?2018-03-21T02:07:19+00:00

The more the better!  We will look to you to provide as much information about your business as you can including your logos, flyers that you already have made, product brochures, etc.  During the design we will prompt you for several items along the way to ensure we get the right content in the right areas of your site.  We also  have access to thousands of licensed professional photos that we will pull and use on your site as needed, but will always welcome your professional photos as well – Say cheese!

How long does it take to launch a site?2018-03-21T02:06:11+00:00

We strive to launch our sites in the shortest time possible.  The exact length of the project will depend on how quickly we can get the needed content information from the client and the size of the overall site (features).  Your iGroove service representative should be able to provide a good faith estimate in your proposal.

How much does a website cost?2018-03-21T11:23:42+00:00

Well, isn’t that the million dollar question? (Pun intended).  There are two costs to consider when purchasing a website from us. 1) Design fee:  this is the fee paid once for the initial design and launch of your website.  Depending on the size of the project this fee may be paid in two installments – a deposit and final payment.  2) Service fee:  this is the quarterly fee paid for the web site which covers several items such as web hosting, website monitoring, hardware/server maintenance, email management, DNS service, and content management access.  These fees will be included in the proposal that your iGroove service representative provides to you.

Will the hosting of my site be outsourced to a company like GoDaddy? Where is it located?2018-03-21T11:25:23+00:00

No.  We have our own servers hosted with a well known US based technology partner.  The only sites that are hosted on our web servers are web sites we have designed and web sites that have come to us through one of our local resellers.  Our technology partner maintains all of the servers, network redundancy, and telecom equipment that keeps your site up and running 24/7!

Do you offer SSL Certificates for your websites? Are you down with https?2018-04-16T21:56:31+00:00

All of our websites come with an SSL certificate automatically installed to secure your website content (https://).  Yay!

Once my site is launched, will I be able to maintain the content myself?2018-04-22T09:44:40+00:00

Yes, some of the content areas of your site will be available in the Content Management System (CMS)- we will document those areas for you so you will know how and what areas you can update.  We are also available to make any changes for you as you go forward.  Some of our clients find it is easier to just send the changes to us and let us make those for them (usually a quicker solution).  If the changes require additional site design work outside of the content, we may need to charge a little for that work, but we are always fair about that sort of thing.  

Will my website come with email addresses?2018-03-21T02:26:24+00:00

Yes, you can have as many email addresses as you need.  Some clients only need one main email account to run their site from (i.e. info@mycoolbusiness.com) while others need individual accounts (i.e. John@mycoolbusiness.com, Jane@mycoolbusinessname.com).  We can also setup email groups like sales@ or support@ and those will route to the individual email accounts as needed.  These email accounts will be accessible from your laptop, tablet or phone and will support contact and calendar syncing as well.  Yippie!

Once the website is launched, can I download the site and host it anywhere I choose?2018-03-21T02:29:23+00:00

All of our web sites we design by default are sold under a SaaS licensing model (software as a service).  This means it’s a licensed, package deal (the design and hosting service).  This will be further explained in the proposal that your iGroove service representative provides to you.  Also included in your proposal will be a non-licensed cost for your site should you decide to purchase the site outright and host it with your own hosting provider.

Why iGroove?2018-03-21T02:27:09+00:00

It sounded like a cool name and the tech domain name was available.  Oh, you meant, why use us as a web designer? *giggle*

We strive to be the absolute best provider of website design and web services in our area (South Georgia).  Not to sound cliché, but we really do go the extra mile for our clients to make them happy with their investment in their site and service.  We hope you will give us the opportunity to build and host your website and you will see first hand how we much we appreciate our clients